Apple peeler AS16

The AS 16 apple peeling & slicing machine is perfectly suited for processing a wide size range of apples (60 – 120 mm Ø). Switching from one apple size to an other can be easily set within 2 minutes during the peeling process (no tool is required!). The slicing, segmenting and coring tools can be changed simply and very quickly.

In the first process stage the apples are positioned into the four holders. The fruit holders are moving forward by means of a stepper-motor-drive. The fruit holders are pushed upwards pneumatically to transfer the apple centred onto the pins. The pins with the fruit rotate simultaneously 90° reaching the peel position. Through rotation and a special formed knife the peel process starts. At the end of this process the apples have a very smooth surface (without grooved marks).

In the next process-stage the peeled apples go through a cutting-device to be sliced.
In the third stage the apples can be either cored (23, 25 or 27mm) or cored & wedged (2 to 16 pieces). The end products (either peeled, cored or cut apples) are directed out of the machine through a conveyor.

The machine includes a PLC which controls the stepper-motor-drives (for the feeding and the rotation systems) and pneumatic valves. The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel. It has been conceived caring specially about simple maintenance, easy and efficient cleaning and is, therefore, best suitable for professional applications.

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