Felt drier

EKKO felt drier is a drying machine for potatoes and other root crops. The machine is equipped with rollers covered with felt, which will suck water from the surface of the product. This water is squeezed out again by adjustable pressure rollers and drained off through a channel to either side.
The pressure rollers are equipped with separate springs, which provides a uniform and very effective drying. The machine is available in right or left version. Inlet, outlet, and supports can be adapted to any installation.


Model Roller width Number of rollers Capacity
EM 1975 500 mm. 7  4 T/h
EM 1976 500 mm. 10  6 T/h
EM 1977 500 mm. 15  9 T/h
EM 1978 1000 mm. 10  12 T/h
EM 1979 1000 mm. 15 18 T/h
EM 1980 1500 mm. 10 18 T/h
EM 1981 1500 mm. 15 27 T/h
EM 1982 1500 mm. 20 36 T/h

Air drier

Air drying for potatoes.
The potatoes are moved forward at 50. Vulcanized rubber rollers that run over an enclosed air box, with hose connection for hot or cold air. Along the one side there is a door for cleaning.


Model Roller width Number of rollers Capacity
EM 1985 1000 mm. 50
EM 1986 1500 mm. 50

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