Industrial washer

The new generation of Drum washers from EKKO is based on a module of 1.250 mm. In this module a basin section with cone-bottom, and a drum section is repeated.

The machine is supplied with 2, 3 or 4 modules, equivalent to a drum length of 2,50, 3,75 or 5,00 metres. The drum diameter is always 1,20 metres. The infeed end is the same for all models, as is the outtake with an elevator belt.

The elevator at the outlet is always a chain belt equipped with a nozzle chamber for fresh water sprinkling. As the traditional water level sensor is replaced with a hygrometer, connected to a computer, it is possible to insert a floating material discharger module with automatically

adjusted overflow between the washer itself and the outlet elevator.

It is also easy to fit a stone separator to the inlet end of the machine.

Each cone at the basin floor has a flange which makes it easy to fit, either a pump manifold to evacuate the dirt, or alternatively a choker valve onto each cone. Fast change of product is enabled by adding a tank module placed next to the washer, into which the water flow freely.

The tank is fitted with a pump for fast return of water, after change of product.


Model Dimension drum Dimension ElevatorW/L Capacity Carrots Capacity Potatoes
EM 1341 Ø1200×2500 mm. 800×2000 mm. 12 T/h 18 T/h
EM 1342 Ø1200×3750 mm. 800×2000 mm. 18 T/h 27 T/h
EM 1343 Ø1200×5000 mm. 800×2000 mm. 24 T/h 36 T/h

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