Potato peeling machine PL 25S

Die PL 25S peeling machine is equipped with a knife peeling system with double-edged blades. The PL 25S peels and washes potatoes, carrots, beetroots and other root vegetables.

Peeling takes place at the bottom and sides of the machine and offers the following advantages:

  • short, low-noise peeling cycles
  • delicate peeling action
  • reduced water consumption

The mechanically processed potatoes are identical in appearance to hand-peeled potatoes. The super smooth surface given after peeling and the fresh look given to even old potatoes is amazing. Waste is minimal.
The blades are arranged so that the round or oval shaped potatoes are guided between the blades to the depth of their peel. Stones and other foreign materials are automatically expelled over the backs of the blades.
A supply of 24 hours or more can be peeled. The peeled potatoes do not discolour.

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