Potato processing line

Complete potato processing line for washing, peeling, cutting / dicing potatoes up to 1.500 kg per hour. The manufacturing process will be started automatically and centrally via switch box.The procedure is as follows:

  • The water tank (volume: 150 kg) will be filled with potatoes.
  • At the switch box the peeling and discharge time of the potato peelers are set and the automatic process will be started.
  • 2 following potato peeling machines PL40K are filled automatically by a changing chute. Filling and peeling cycles are changing automatically. The potatoes are washed and gently peeled in only one step; the aluminium oxide abrasive removes skins paper-thin.
  • The peeled potatoes are transported by the roller inspection table and further to the slope conveyer to the belt cutting machine GS 10-2.
  • The belt cutting machine GS 10-2 slices or dices the potatoes according to customized requirements.
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