The multifunctional apple peeling machine AS 6 is perfectly suitable for peeling, coring, wedging and/or slicing apples with a diameter of 55 – 85 mm. It allows the processing of up to 900 apples per hour and thus, it is optimized for industrial application. One crucial benefit is the automatic loading of apples as well as the automatic outfeed of the final product. By this means, the speed and efficiency of the production are significantly increased. Furthermore, an ergonomic design is guaranteed.

Easy, effective operation:

Up to three apples can be automatically processed at one time in a four step process:

  1. Apples are placed on the machine manually and are automatically loaded then. The potential risk of injury is prevented.
  2. Automatic peeling and slicing, when needed,
  3. Cutting the core out of the fruit and, if required, dividing into bite-sized apple pieces with a wedging knife (e.g. for fruit salads or pie toppings) – all automatic.
  4. The finished end product is discharged separately from the waste

There is also the option to set up several machines parallelly to further increase capacities.



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