Flexible and easy to adjust for trays or units

Horizontal flow-pack wrapper, built to automatically wrap products in trays or units at high speeds with heat-sealing materials.

BF 300 H PLUS, is a high-end horizontal wrapper type flow-pack or pillow, built to wrap products automatically with certain thermosealing materials and heat sealing materials.

The machine has great versatility and flexibility in product changes, as well as good timing in the required movements. This leads us to obtain a very high performance.

BF 300 H PLUS is used for unitary or in tray products wrapping in individual form, that are within the dimensions specified in the technical sheet and some protection with respect to external agents is necessary.

Asynchronous Flow-pack specially designed for bagging food products with polypropylene BOPP or termosellables complex films.



  • Rollers output.
  • Motorized band.
  • Rotary table.
  • Markers-Encoders.

The maximum and minimum dimensions cannot be combined in the same machine.

Machine designed for individual product, for batches please consult us.

From 40 up to 90 packs/min

(According to the characteristics and dimensions of the products that are going to be used)


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