A80 is a machine for packing combined mesh & film material packages into plastic or carton boxes. It is suitable for most package types in the market.

The machine is constructed from a stainless steel frame for long and heavy-duty service. Semi-transparent plexiglass allows checking the operation without removing covers and interrupting the packaging process.

The machine can be equipped with a box infeed conveyor according to specific packhouse needs. Bags come from a primary bagging machine in a row and are put into the boxes in pairs. Two forming wings secure that the bags come into the box aligned. After each filling step, the box descends to receive the next pair of packages while the box shakes to help the bags settle inside well.

Maximum crate capacity (600 mm * 400 mm):
The size of the package that the machine can accept – 0.25 – 3 kg
Output capacities:
3 kg packages – up to 60 packages/min
2 kg packages – up to 70 packages/min




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