BF is designed for fast and reliable putting of complete packages into cartons or plastic boxes. The machine can process most of the commonly used packaging and enables putting in single or more layers.

  • Designed for storing raschel, PE, or other types of bags
  •  Gentle and fast casing
  • Various set up of storage pattern
  • Operator-friendly interface

The long durability of the machine is achieved by using high-quality materials, power-coated steel, and parts from the world’s top producers.
During the process, the product which has been packed in the previous stage is transported by a conveyor belt to the BF machine. In the next step, the packages are combined according to the desired pattern (by 4,6,8 pieces etc.) and placed inside a box through the opening of the conveyor. It is possible to place more layers on top of each other. Then the product is adjusted by vibrations up to the level which enables palletizing.

Packages that the machine can receive – 1-10 kg

Output capacity:  up to 50 packs/min (depending on the type of packaging)


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