CO2 adsorber

Fruit and vegetables ‘breathe’, a natural process in which oxygen is converted into CO2 (carbon dioxide). An increased CO2 level in a cold store ‘calms’ the fruit, but an excess will cause damage and must therefore be removed.

A CO2 adsorber, also known as a scrubber, removes carbon dioxide from cold stores, along with a small portion of the harmful ethylene present. The CO2 adsorber contains active carbon, which has the characteristic of adsorbing CO2 molecules (binding them to it). By efficiently transporting the air from the cold store, passing it over the active carbon and returning it to the cold store, the CO2 is effectively removed from the air in the store.

Besides a user-friendly control panel for setting the actions per cold store, the adsorber is equipped with an ‘adsorber lung’. This patented system guarantees absolute low oxygen operation which means that virtually no oxygen can enter the cold store (ideal for storage under ULO and/or DCA conditions).

A frequency-controlled ventilator reduces energy consumption to a minimum – an important benefit because an adsorber runs for the majority of the day. In addition, the diameter of the pipe is matched to the size of the ventilator so no heat can enter the cold store as a result of friction.

Every fruit and vegetable variety has its own CO2 production and maximum permitted CO2 value. For this reason, Besseling produces different capacities of adsorbers so that we can always supply a solution for your application.

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