The DEW 200 dewaterer is used to remove excess liquid From products such as canned mushrooms, pickled or defrosted vegetables.


The product to be dewatered is filled into the perforated standard container (200 l). The mobile standard container is inserted into the DEW 200 and held in a fixed position using a snap-in mechanism. A plate is lowered onto the product. The product is gently dewatered by the pressure exerted evenly over this plate, which can be set using weights between 60 kg and 210 kg, and a selectable throughput time from 1 second to 16 minutes. Two-hand operation ensures a high level of occupational safety.


The DEW 200 is perfect for companies that use pre-processed pickled or defrosted products and want to reduce excess liquid before processing those products as ingredients of e.g. various cold cuts, sausages or fillings of any kind.

The DEW 200 with its stable construction is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304, quick and easy to clean and therefore ideal for industrial applications.

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