FruitManager is a system solution especially developed for the fruit and vegetable sector that enables you to automatise production processes and logistics. The FruitManager directs and controls the entire processes. The supervisory data acquisition provides the necessary information for a complete documentation and traceability according to the applicable eu regulations.

With the TopControl FruitManager solution, your company saves time and money. Our FruitManager is a proven improvement in companies of all sizes in the food industry. Facilitate and automate production and process control with 100% traceability. Through constant analyses of the system, you optimise productivity, process flows as well as your personnel resources.

TOTAL SOLUTION: The possibilities of the Fruitmanager are limitless, because it can be used in all possible expansion stages. for instance as a com-plete system that processes the entire production from the goods receipt to the goods issue.

INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS: The diverse forms of application support existing logistic systems by complementing and streamlining them. Hardware as well as software is installed according to the requirements of the individual situation.


·         TRACEABILITY: complete traceability to the smallest packaging

·         GOODS INWARD: input of delivery data and production order dates from the inventory management system into the fruitmanager database

• Production evaluation and analysis through registration of product quality, personnel performance and production utilisation
• All information at a glance: production status, device settings, system messages • Automation and assistance in production of quality reports, bills of lading, rule assistant, label preview

• Display of crate need with storage position in real time directly on the stacker IPC
• Flexible store view at cell level (available and unavailable cells)
• Optimised display of stock and all stock movements
• Projection of all orders into the store

·         PACKING LINE
• Control of all devices involved in the production process (weighing machines, labelling machines, printers and palletisers)
• Display of the current order information on the packing line
• Operator management with worktime recording via industrial pc with transponder key or automatic recognition at packing line (including in relation to orders)
• Trend analyses with graphical display on the ipcs of line utilisation and productivity

• Display of over- and underdosing of individual packages
• Recording and statistical evaluation of weights of small and transport packages as well as pallets
• Automatic control of the labeller and label machine according to production management orders

• Control of all types of palletisers manufactured
• Acceleration of order changes
• Fully automatic identification of pallets on up to three sides and heights (dispatch labels in conformity with GS1 or EPCglobal in large formats up to DINA5)

·         LOADING
• Automatic production of the pallet list at order position end (production)
• Automatic production of bill of lading at end of order




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