JASA 250

Vertical form, fill and seal machine suitable for packing bulk goods in bags from film on the reel. Due to the low profile setup, the machine is specially suitable for fragile products.
The constructions are in stainless steel and plastic parts and therefore very suitable for the food-industry. By combining the right seal system, the machine can procces the most heatsealable films.
The machine is equipped with a PLC operating system and is free programmable and very simple to operate by means of a touch screen display. Up to 30 programs can be memorized and selected.
Texts are in the English language (others on request).

CAPACITY: 50 packages/min


film: pillow bag gusset bag block bottom bag block bottom bag + clip
fresh fruits and vegetables: potatoes citrus brussels sprouts tomatoes onions pepper carrots
processed fruits and vegetables: processed potatoes, french fries processed vegetables, salads processed onions (baby) carrots fruit salads
food general: candy, etc backery products shrimp mussels nuts, peanuts, etc pasta snacks (frozen) fish (frozen) meat
petfood: dry food / granulates
non food: non food
machinetype: vertical form, fill and seal machines


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