Precise fruit and vegetable cutting – easy to handle sized products. Cutting tools, pushers and other accessories.

The grid cutters HGW and PGW offer special cuts in a great variety of cutting forms of fruit, salad, vegetable and cheese, also pineapple peeling and/or dividing, cutting tomatoes into slices, cabbage coring & quartering (can only by applied to HGW & PGW „cabbage versions“) and much more. Whereas the HGW is a manually operated device the PGW operates pneumatically (up to600 strokes/h). The PGW is also available as XL-model with larger lifting height (up to 400 mm) suitable for big products up to Ø 300 mm.

HGW, PGW, S195 cover a varied spectrum for many applications More than 200 cut variations thanks to wide range of blades and inserts – quick, easy and cost-effective!


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