The AMS 220 pineapple & melon peeling machine is ideally suited to peel fruit in a great variety of different shapes and sizes:

  • Many kind of fruit such as e.g. pineapples, melons of all kind, pumpkins with a smooth surface (e.g. butternut) can be peeled regardless of the products contours. The AMS 220 scores with this significant flexibility benefit!
  • Pineapples can not only be peeled but also cored simultaneously (on/off switching function)

The peeling depth is adjustable from 1,5 to 10 mm by changing the specially developed contour control system – without any tooling within seconds. An extremely smooth and almost score-free surface is achieved by this control unit following the shape of each (individual) fruit.

Max. capacity: up to 4 fruits/min.



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