The „BAGBOY” is a robotic pick&place case packing machine for most net and LDPE package types in the market (clipping net, combined mesh and film, polyethylene bags, raschel bags).

Bags coming from a primary bagging machine(s) are received by the accumulating finger conveyor which is an integral part of the machine. In the next step, bags are collected by the gripper and placed into boxes by a 6-axles robotic arm in the preset layout. Bags are settled by a box vibration unit on the outlet in order to secure safe stacking, palletizing, transport, and in-store handling.

  • Very fast and gentle handling
  • Reduces costs and downtime
  • Handles multiple package sizes, weights, and shapes

The machine can be equipped with an empty box or crate infeed unit Htech ZKA according to specific packhouse needs, a checkweigher for single packages, or a checkweigher and labeling station for full boxes or crates.

Output capacity (always depends on the final bag dimension, box dimension, and case packing pattern)

1 kg bags – approx 80 bags/min

2 kg bags – approx 50 bags/min

5-10 kg bags – approx 25 bags/min





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