Novatec Stone & Soil Separator removes stones and soil from your product flow, to minimize damage to the products and equipment in your processing line.

The Soil_Separator is a machine used for the initial cleaning of the vegetables. The Spiral_Roller – Soil_Separator follows the Feeding Hopper at the beginning of the line.

Technical Features:
·         Metal structure that has been properly welded and treated with three layers of polyurethane varnish

·         Series of rotating spiral rollers for the removal of the soil (The rotating spiral rollers remove small stones, leaves, clods etc.)

·         Series of PVC or metal galvanized rollers, at the beginning or at the exit of the machine

·         Main drive by means of proper gear motor and electronic speed variation (Inverter)


  • Food-grade PVC conveyor belts, placed under the rollers in order to collect and remove the soil, leaves, stone, etc.

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