Tray filler (type: BSV)

Tray filler (type: BSV) for automatic and continuous filling of small trays/ punnets with product.

The tray filler is a product designed by Burg for the automatic and continuous filling of small trays with round products, such as apples. The tray filler is suitable for trays of various sizes.

The operation of the machine is as follows: the trays/ punnets are positioned on the bottom conveyor belt of the machine by means of an automatic denester. The products intended for the trays/ punnets are grouped at the beginning of the tray filler and transported further on the upper conveyor belt. The batches are then automatically unloaded into the punnets/ trays from below.


Control panel with touch screen

Suitable for trays of different sizes

Automation of a large number of operations

Suitable for round products

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