Specially designed machine for the quick reduce of the core temperature of fresh vegetables, ensuring freshness and extension of products shelf life and maintain quality till they reach the final consumer.

The machine is ideal for products like carrots, potatoes, parsnips, beetroot (beet), radish and other similar vegetables.

Technical features:

·        Fully stainless steel robust construction, designed for low maintenance and easy cleaning access

·        Completely natural way to reduce core temperature to desired levels, using only cold water

·        Food grade “intralox” type, polyethylene open belt, with adjustable speed control for adjusting the cooling time

·        Water tank with water filtering and cleaning system, water recycling system with pipes and recycling pump, water distribution header over trays and coil

·        Intralox belt is running inside the tunnel, where cooled water floods down onto product, as it comes down from the perforated trays on top of the tunnel

·        Water tank under Intralox belt (and tunnel), for water collection and recirculation

·        Recycling system supplies cold water on top of perforated trays, thus creating a water rain system, which rains down water through refrigeration coils and onto the products below

·        Capacity up to 6 Tons / Hour with input temperature 20 °C and output temperature 3 °C approximately (Capacity depends on product, incoming temperature and environmental conditions)

·        Temperature sensors and variable temperature control, electronic floating device and beacon with siren for water level control

·        Waterproof Electrical Control Panel

Optional Included:

·        Preservation Water Tank  in the exit of the machine

·        Cooling Exchanger / Coil System (Serpentine type), placed on top of tunnel and under perforated plate, complete with expansion and solenoid valves (Coil system is ready for connection to the cooling units)

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