High-end horizontal flow-pack wrapper, built to wrap product on trays at high speeds with input synchronism, with heat-sealing materials.

The FN 300 is a top-of-the-range flow-pack type horizontal wrapper, built to wrap products in trays at high speeds automatically, placing the machine in line with the filling processes, these are fed automatically without the need for be handled by workers.

The machine is used for the wrapping of solid products individually, which are within the dimensions specified in the technical data sheet and some protection is necessary with respect to external agents.

FN 300 incorporates an electronic control of axes that synchronizes the clamp, the rollers and the feeding car, which makes the machine versatile and flexible in product changes, as well as good synchronism in the required movements. This leads us to obtain high performance and features of the machine. Also incorporates a double reel holder to reduce machine stops.

The machine is equipped with the latest in axis control for precise and fast changes in a fully automatic way, through a touch screen that allows memorizing more than 100 different products.

Consumable types

Bioriented Polypropylene: Glossy film for automatic non-shrink bagging. (BOPP)

Complex Films: Film composed of two or more components to guarantee sealing, from 40 to 150 microns. Shrink film of between 20-25μm with barrier to oxygen in application with gas sweeping.

BEL-Green range: more environmentally friendly films.




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