SLEEVER for apples, kiwis, and tomatoes, 100 % cardboard and 100 % suitable for recycling.

Jasa Sleever packs apples, kiwis and tomatoes without plastic film.

The cardboard sleeve replaces the film material currently use to pack for instance apples and tomatoes. The sleeves are made of cardboard and are in most cases compatible with your current trays.  Of course, you can also use the Sleever to pack other fruits and vegetables. The Sleever is also extremely suitable for other packaging, such as meal salads. Guaranteed that your product will stand out on the shelf!

The JASA sleever personalizes a tray by applying a pre-folded and pre-glued sleeve around the tray.

Rectangular and square trays are placed in cardboard sleeves that are closed 2-sided. The innovative design keeps the apples, kiwis, and tomatoes visible in the package while they can’t be taken out of the package without ripping the sleeve. The sleeve is secured to the tray with a label attached to the bottom of the tray. This label can be used to hold product information as well as the barcode. And last but not least: the design of the sleeve comes with a handle so the package is easy to carry.

The compact design, at a square meter, and the various modular input and output systems ensure easy integration into existing production lines.

The sleever can process up to 50 trays per minute with the single belt model or 100 trays per minute for the two belt mode.

The capacity for apples is around 30-40 trays per minute for the PGS-1000 and 60-80 trays per minute for the PGS-2000.

The production capacity will only be guaranteed when JASA has the opportunity to run tests with the trays, sleeves and produce.


The advantages of JASA’s paper packaging at a glance:

·         100% paper

·         No plastic

·         Fully recyclable

·         Rapid packaging

·         Energy efficient

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