Capacity: to 2,800 kg of product per hour

For spinning and drying of lettuce, vegetables, fruits and more

The K650 drying system is th ideal system for drying a wide variety of lettuce and vegetable products in a continuous treatment process. The K650 drying system is perfectly suited for drying sliced fruit, vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms and herbs in  the industrial application.

Depending on consistency, shape and size of the product and the desired degree of drying, spinning times and spinning speeds can be adjusted via a touch screen and saved in the programs. Depending on the cycle time and rotational speed, som parameters are automated, e.g. speed of the buffer conveyor and of the outfeed conveyor. Thus, the program s clearly organised and easy to operate.

With an optional volume control, the product feed quantity can be optimised. This influences the capacity and the drying effect. In addition, without products the machine switches to energy saving mode automaticlly.

The K650 drying system is an ideal supplement to the KRONNEN GEWA washing machines and it can be integrated in all other systems that require a continuous, user-friendly drying process operated with a minimum number of personnel.

For higher capacities up to 5,000 kg/h, the upgraded K850 drying system is suitable.


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