tomatoes and table grapes


Trouble with too much giveaway and low packing speeds? Optimise your packing line process with the MHP3000 and foodProcess.

With the semi-automatic combination weigher MHP 3000, pre-filled or empty small packages of table grapes or tomatoes are precisely completed with the missing weight. The amount of goods given away and the time required for this are kept to a minimum.

The first 12 weighing belts are loaded with the products by a worker. The scales installed in the infeed conveyor record the weight of the pre-filled trays in real time and determine the missing weight. The products with which the weight is reached are then automatically transported onto the conveyor belt to be finally filled into the tray by a worker.

To be able to guarantee the quality of the products, these products are filled into the trays by hand.

The MHP 3000 is a flexible weighing system which, in addition to completion, has the operating modes levelling on belt scales, combination weighing and throughput.

The MHP 3000 offers a significant increase in efficiency in the packaging process. A possible overweight of the packaging is thus also reduced to less than 1%. The automatic output of the goods saves an immense amount of time and resources.

This noticeably reduces costs and increases profit. In conjunction with the TopControl software, all weight data and staff times are recorded and flexibly evaluated.




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