The Novus is available in different sizes. Its maximum scanning width of 2400 mm makes it the widest optical belt sorter on the market. The NOVUS may be used for many different applications: fresh, dried or frozen potato products, fruit and vegetables, crustaceans and shellfish, confectionery and nuts.

All types of bulb vegetables, green beans, peas, leek, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, salad, shoots etc. whole or shredded, fresh or frozen. You want to offer an assortment that is as wide as possible, using as little machines as possible.

Stray sprigs and leaves? A rotten onion? Food safety regulations are being tightened worldwide and consumers have also become more demanding. The presence of foreign materials or inferior products is not only a matter of food safety – in times of growing competition, quality problems can be downright harmful to your reputation. Unfortunately, you cannot control the condition of the vegetables, as no two seasons are the same. However, you do want to offer consistent quality to your customers.

In short, it’s important to optimize your sorting process: to detect as many foreign materials and defects as possible and without unnecessarily removing good products.

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