PL Peeler series:

PL 25S, PL 25K, PL 40K

for peeling potatoes, carrots, beetroot, turnips and other root vegetables.

The PL Series has two peeling systems and a washing system to choose from.

  • The knife system peels the potatoes, carrots, beetroot, turnips and other hard vegetables like hand peeled and therefore is the ideal solution for whole peeled product with longer shelf life. The peeled potatoes do not discolour.
  • The abrasive system peels quick and price effective for further processing. Aluminium oxide abrasive coat and disc can be replaced through rubber-coated cylinder and disc thus changing the abrasive peeling machine into a root tuber washing machine
  • The rubber knop system can be used for washing potatoes, carrots, etc. The rounded, easy-to-clean peeling chamber guarantees residue-free waste management that helps ensure a hygienic environment. Washing and peeling in one step: By means of the integrated top-water spraying the products are washed during peeling and the carborundum layer is cleaned.

The PL Peelers are equipped with an adjustable timer from 1 to 6 minutes (PL 25S) and 1 to 10 minutes (PL 25K & PL 40K). The pneumatic door opening (optional for PL 40K) allows trouble-free integration of the machine into automatic production process. Emptying via pneumatic door opening – followed by automatic closing of the door for next peeling.

The PL peelers are ideally suited to be integrated in complete and continuous root processing lines for washing, peeling, cutting / dicing up to 1.200 kg per hour. The loading and peeling process is central controlled.

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