The line is intended for sorting, weighing and packing raspberries behind the cooling tunnel. It consists of a vibrating screen that also acts as a calibrator. As a result, we get 2 types of product, raspberry extra and raspberry crumble.

Raspberry extra is transported by an inspection conveyor to the packaging line, and the remains in the form of crushed raspberries are sent to the crumbler. The finger crusher initially breaks the fruit, then the raspberries fall into the working rollers where they are further broken into the “crumble” fraction. The air cleaner attached to the line removes all light impurities, such as stalks. The dust generated during this operation is collected by two pipes which act as a dust extractor. This prevents excessive accumulation of dust in the immediate vicinity of the machine.

The line is safe for the product and does not damage it. You can adjust the machine’s efficiency to your individual needs and the performance of the cooling tunnel. At the customer’s request, the line can be equipped with an optical sorter, which will significantly improve the process of product inspection.

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